Software Testing

In this solution, our team of professionals conduct an evaluation and verification processes of the software product and/or application the company uses with a goal to identify its purpose. The benefit of software testing is to improve performance, prevent bugs and reduce development cost.
Our professionals flag areas that are faulty in the existing software, through meeting the guided requirements of its design and requirements. Ensuring that the software is operating both efficiently and effectively.
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Governmental Permits & Certifications Workflow System of Etmam

  • Ministry of Housing

The area flagged also focuses on areas of development and improvement of the software. Aspects of efficiency, accuracy and usability. Split into 2 aspects of software testing:

–       Verification | Is the product built right? Our professionals refer to the set tasks that makes the software implements the function correctly 

–       Validation | Is the building of the product right? Our professionals refer to the various set tasks that the software is built on, traceable to deliver to the customer needs.

How is software testing conducted? 

Software testing is conducted in various ways depending on the software itself: 

–       Manual testing 

–       Automation testing 

 There are various methods and processes followed in  Software testing, depending on the integral used in it. Although it’s an important part of software development.

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