The Prince Abdullah Bin Ghazi College of Information Technology and Communications organized a programming event through the student team DATA STREAM. The event was attended by the college dean, Dr. Abdulwadoud Mosleh, the vice dean, the heads of academic departments, faculty members, the assistant dean for student affairs, and the college students. The event took place on the stage of the late Marwan Al-Hamoud.

Dr. Mosleh, the dean of the college, expressed the university’s pride in the students of the Prince Abdullah Bin Ghazi College of Information Technology and Communications, who are considered ambassadors for the university after their graduation and involvement in the local and regional job market.

He emphasized the importance of acquiring skills during their studies, which have become a major requirement for graduates to enter and compete in the job market. Dr. Mosleh praised the active participation of the college students in various activities and competitions, which enables them to refine their programming and creative skills, greatly enhancing their ability to compete in the job market. He also noted the university’s interest and support for all activities, competitions, and student initiatives, as well as participation in international competitions in various fields.

Dr. Karam Ghanem, the assistant dean for student affairs at the Prince Abdullah Bin Ghazi College of Information Technology and Communications, highlighted the importance and role of scientific activities and events organized by the college. The college hosts a selection of private sector workers in the field of information technology, who are graduates of the college, to transfer knowledge, experience, and skills to students in the field of information technology and programming.

The event included a panel discussion with one of the university graduates and the founder of the Techs Factory company, Mo’tasem Shahin, who talked about his experience and work in the private sector and founding his specialized programming company. Shahin pointed out the importance of creativity, innovation, and staying up-to-date with the latest technological developments in the programming field, especially with the rapid pace of technological advancement in today’s world.


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