Etmam Housing Website

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Housing hosts a handful of sub companies, one of which is Etmam Housing, the website that Techs Factory built and designed with a core team of experienced developers and designers.

Etmam website is so secure you can browse knowing that no harm will come to your computer or phone, and that’s thanks to Techs Factory’s daily security updates.

Techs Factory used trendy designs on Etmam to give it an elegant look, while simultaneously keeping the Ministry of Housing’s identity intact.

The Completion Services Center is one of the initiatives of the Ministry of Housing to accelerate the pace of work in residential projects in the Kingdom and increase the volume of investment in the real estate sector, both inside and outside the Kingdom, established pursuant to the Royal Decree No. 7262 dated 8/2/1437 AH.


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