Etmam Housing System

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Etmam, The Developers Service Center, is one of the most important initiative in the Ministry of Housing. The project was created to organize all kinds of huge projects in Saudi Arabia, such as Malls, Compounds, Industrial Cities and so on.

Etmam’s main purpose is to facilitate the process of the applications, the applications that used to take up to 2 years to be completed can now be finished in only 3 months.

The construction companies would apply to the main project information, such as the blue prints and land instruments, then the system will start the workflow ’till the completion of the approval certificate.

The solution achieved the title of the top rated service in 2017, compared to all online services in the Ministry of Housing is Saudi Arabia.

One of Etmam’s top features is that they provide estimation time for all their services. For instance, the developer can see that his application is currently being reviewed by the Operations Manager and might take up to 4 days to move up.



  • Ministry Of Housing