You need an expert, dedicated partner with a deep understanding of best industry practices to support building, testing and running your applications.

You need a partner who incorporates the attention to detail, quality and timeliness necessary for QA into our other service offerings, including Software Development, Digital Marketing, Infrastructure & Support and Process Outsourcing.


Named resources exclusively engaged and trained for providing steady workload services; monthly billing on standard weekly hours.


A team of unnamed resources provide similar services to multiple clients; monthly fixed amount limited either by count or number of usage hours.

On Demand

Unnamed resources with agreed skillsets are engaged only when required with no commitment of minimum hours or count; monthly billing on actual usage.



Jordan is endowed with a strategic location situated in the heart of the Middle East; uniquely positioned as a regional entry point to North Africa, the GCC and the Levant. Jordan’s distinguished location allows for diversification and expansion into increasingly affluent markets, while trade agreements give Jordan access to a market of more than one billion consumers.

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